Restoration of footpath of Epaminonda street of Municipality of Thiva

Περιγραφή Έργου

The objective of the project is the restoration and alteration of the public spaces of the city of Thiva, a total area of 16,260 square metres. This includes the whole of Epaminonda street and some side streets within one city block.

This is a regeneration of project of the total restoration of the main and most central footpath that crosses the centre of Thiva, from the Epaminondas Statue, the main square up the Conference Centre.

The interventions that are requires are many and multi-faced making the project quite complicated, especially when we take into account the various shops and houses that are located along this footpath.

In particular, a new network for collecting rainwater is installed from cement pipes Φ600, new polyethylene water supply pipes and a new lighting network is installed. Also, new laying with porphyrite cobblestone from North Italy is installed alongside with new flowerbeds that will truly reinvigorate the city of Thiva. New urban equipment will also be installed that will be very convenient for city residents, tourists, while there will also be wooden boardwalks at the west side of Epaminonda street for the city shops. Finally, there will benches and tables and especially designed interventions within specific parts of the footpath.


Λεπτομέρειες Έργου

Assignment Municipality of Thiva
Place Epaminonda Street
Badget 4.700.000,00 €