Construction Projects

The company LATO A.T.E. is certified and implements the Quality Management and Health & Safety systems, ensuring high quality and the safety of its employees. The company holds a wide range of engineering equipment and is able to complete various construction projects.


In specific, we make:

  • Road construction projects
  • Mechanical engineering projects
  • Bio-climate projects
  • Buildings
  • Plumbing- Sewage and Waste Management projects
  • Urban Regeneration projects

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Quarry Operation

The company LATO A.T.E. is engaged in quarry operation and quarry accessibility, extraction, loading, transporting and processing of raw materials, fracture with the aim of creating quarry aggregates, which are ready for use from clients, such as construction companies, concrete manufacturers or asphalt mic manufacturers.

Production of Asphalt mic

Our company produces and trades asphalt mix, owning a state-of-the-art asphalt mix production unit with the capability of producing all kinds of asphalt mix, according to the European standard ΕΝ 13108-1:2006/AC:2008.