Bioclimatic upgrade of the public open space within the historic stream of Chrysorroa in Thiva

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The project concerns the regeneration of the common open space of Thiva city plan along the Chrysorroa stream at the section that has been inhumed from Estias street (Ilektres Gates) to Tseva- Avlidos street, a total area of 20.950 square metres.

This regeneration is in accordance with the principles, the manners and the materials used for the bioclimatic urban planning, with the aim of reducing temperature and making it more comfortable for its users, tourists, city residents of visitors of the archaeological site. Of course there has been a provision for the existence of the stream that will benefit the climate conditions (temperature and ventilation) in the densely built area of the city through which the Chrysorroa stream is crossing.

The particular area is a place of transfer from the Kadmia Hill to the surroundings areas of the city, where the new City Hall is located. In specific, the area stretches from the central bus station area all along the stream to the fire brigade headquarters.

This communal public space has not been used and is abandoned, resulting in people illegally exploiting this space.

Up until the 1980s the Chrysorroa area was green space and bioclimatic corridor that residents could use for walking, enriched with dense greenery. The construction of the block of flats according to the city plan, without taking into account this area, has threatened the existence of this area, depriving the city of a bioclimatic factor that will enrich the quality of life in a central part of the city.

Thus, the construction of this bioclimatic project will restore its operation as a public green space in the whole eastern Kadmia, changing the climatic conditions.

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Assignment Municipality of Thiva
Place Chrysorroa Stream, Thiva
Badget 1.812.484,05 €